Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Still Alive, Sorta.

I know you guys probably thought I died, 
Feels like years since I have blogged.
Feels so fucking good.

Update: Went home for a couple months.
Friends.Fun. Parties.Young, Wild and Free
I weigh 139.

I'm so excited to get back on track,
SO Excited to be with Ana Again.  
What have you ladies been up to?
Going to catch up on blogs tonight.

Starting tomorrow, I'm fasting.
Water. Diet Soda.Soy Milk.
That's it!

I can do this (:
20 pounds by the end of March?
That's my goal.

Stay Skinny<3


  1. A challenge perhaps? :D :D My goal is 10lbs by 17 March. Shew. Xo

  2. So glad your back!! :D A fast sounds good right about now!! I'm sure you'll reach your goal :D Stay motivated! xx

  3. Happy you're back :) I similarly need to lose about 20 lbs by the end of March!

  4. Welcome back to Ana's World. And I've done the same thing - for my boyfriends sake, I've eaten "normally" all year... I'd only just managed to get into the 120's and now I've back in he 130's - so I'm back too!
    I look forward to hearing from you xx
    Stay strong, think thin.

  5. Stay strong..kinda loving your photo!