Saturday, December 24, 2011

I will not say Merry Christmas.

I hate Christmas.
Self indulgent
Every store is closed
People wearing those stupid red hats
The mess afterwards
The traffic
The total money drain
People not liking there gifts after you spent tons of time and money on it.
The loneliness
Realization that you have no significant other to buy you things.

Sorry Just a few of the things That I hate about Christmas.
Maybe its because I spend more money then I receive,
But thats what Christmas is about right, Giving and not receiving?
Or is about God's birthday?
Who fuckin knows.

I ate tons of calories today.
Atleast 2,000 calories.
Did you know 3,500 calories = A pound of fat?

My 10 day challenge is over and I managed to loose my 5 pounds.
I see absolutely no differnece.
I see pictures of people who weigh 130 -135 and there SO fucking skinny.
What the hell.
Maybe i just can't be skinny?
Maybe I will never see myself as skinny.

Pictures of me, I know I'm a fat, ugly, weirdo.
But please no negative comments.

Stay skinny and Festive <3


  1. You look quite fine to me... Just give it some time... I didn't see any results till after a whole month!!! It's annoying when you don't see the change... But just give it time... I promise
    Christmas is definitely fattening!!!
    Also a money waster!!
    Hope you hang in there!
    Stay strong!

  2. Your gorgeous! And have a good fashion sense ;) Rock chick gal ;) I like it!!!! Don't worry about the binge, i've eaten about a zillion today >< Christmas is definatly fattening!! xx

  3. Your not fat!! And try to make the best of Christmas, I hate it too but at least it's only one day that's almost over! Hang in there : )

  4. what are you on about fat and ugly! you look lovely :D
    i love the purple flash in your hair, looks well nice :) i'm in the process of dying my fringe white, its taking forever! don't worry about christmas calories, they're literally unavoidable. fresh start tomorrow :) xxxx

  5. That's what I've been feeling about Christmas lately. Just a day where all you do is eat and are forced to wear fake smile in front on family.

  6. I think you're adorable and I really like the purple, i've been blue for what seems like ever. I love Christmas, but more an imagining of how it could be. And the lights are super pretty to look at.

  7. ah...i love your style so much...more photos please!♥

  8. Your thighs are ridiculously awesome. I hate you.
    Love you! :)