Friday, December 9, 2011


So I just got back from the concert,
There had to be at least 3,000 people there.
It was insane, 
Until I fuckin fainted.

So it went like this,
The second band, A Day to remember
just got done playing, And I was standing in the crowd waiting for the next band Rise Against to start playing.
I started to feel really sick to my stomach, but I didn't want to leave the crowd for fear of loosing my amazingly close position to the stage. Then I knew I was going to throw up so i made my way out of the crowd towards the bar to get some water, but all of sudden my vision went almost completely away and my head felt like it was full of sand, My legs gave out beneath me and i just crumbled to the floor. Some guy gave me a cup of water and asked if i needed him to call 911, Which of course i said no to. After 5 minutes I got up and went to the bathroom were I sat for about 10 minutes, Put a cold paper towel to my face and I was fine?

Super weird I know.
All I had was a 90 calorie Special K bar and  200 calorie Spring rolls.
290 Calories and barely any water + Jumping around and extreme heat for a half hour.
I think thats what did it but I am not sure at all.
Anyone have any experience with this?!
I still feel sick and I'm shaking so I had a non diet Dr. Pepper
and a 6 inch ham and cheese subway sandwich.
Hmm, Overall a pretty great night.
Lost another pound, 4 pounds away from my 15 pound loose in 24 days 
and my time is up. oh well I suppose.
Thanks for all you support,
Stay Skinny, And healthy<3


  1. I am so proud of you and your weightloss! Totally inspired! I want to loose 10 lbs in 16 days! possible???

  2. Hope your alright :( Amazing weight loss so far ^^ xx

  3. You are my thinspo for today! Sorry about the faiting thing. But it happens I guess. As long as you're okay now! I'm so proud of you petal! I want to try lose like you. Secrets of success?? Xo