Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Not a normal 17 year old.

The things that I have seen, The things I have done
Most people won't do or see in two lifetimes.
I wouldn't wish any of these things on my worst enemies.
I have been raped.
My best friend was shot dead,
Beaten by my (ex) Boyfriends.
I have slept with over 15 guys,
Done an UN recordable amount of drugs.
Had to beg for money just to make it home at night.
Gotten so drunk i don't even know the name of the guy I'm laying next to.
I have never had a fateful boyfriend.
My boyfriend use to make me sleep with guys to get drugs/Money.

The thing is, All these things happened because of the choices I made.
God forgive me for my sins.
I am so sorry.
I don't want any pity, Just nice to get things off my chest.

As for the challenge I have 4 days left and I AM fasting.
I don't fucking care.
I am gonna be skinny god dammit. 

Also i have been getting a lot of questions.

So Next posting will be one of answering questions.
If you have any about my life, loosing weight or Ana and Mia
please comment
or email me at

Love you girls<3
Stay Skinny<3<3<3


  1. I'm sure He'll forgive you. It's good to get it out.

    Let's all get skinny <3

  2. Some of the stuff i have done too, don't feel bad, no regrets, from this moment forward live your life how you want to live it, and be proud of it, you are an amazing girl to be fighting the things you do now xx

  3. HI :)

    I like you, You seem very nice!
    All those things in your past... God forgives you. Some things you just cant help , but God has a plan for you and will use your story for good in the world , and to help other people(Jeremiah 29:11) . You are a strong person , I dont know anyone who could go through that and survive. I also understand your want to be skinny... I was that way, I got down to 95 lbs, which isnt too extreme but I totally lost my boobs, hair , and periods. Let me tell you , I thought it would make me soo happy , but no matter how small I got , I couldnt get small enough. I hope it doesnt get that far for you , be cautious. I had to cry out to God to help me and he did , he helped me heal from the urges I had to not eat, etc... By the way , now I am a happy girl, in college, up to 110 , and now weight doesnt seem that important to me anymore. God loves, God Forgives, God helps, no matter how "far" you think you are. 1 John 1:9, Romans 10:9. Have a blessed new year !