Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Work out for mee,

Currently obsessed with J. coles new song.
Actually i don't know if its his newest song, but itss pretty new.

There it is, Beware it has a catchy beat (;

Did very good calorie wise.
Bowl of cearel with soy milk - 150 calories.
Sweet roll - 90 calorie.
250 Calories.

I feel very sick at the moment, probably from so little food.
Gonna drink a bottle of water and then sleep.
Lost two pounds <3

Two down, 13 more to go.
It will be super hard to loose the rest.
But I can do it, And for you other bloggers who are also doing this
Everytime I want to eat something,
I say NO,
Don't disappoint your bloggers (:
It has worked very well.

Many of you ask me about my cereal I eat.

There is my cereal and my milk (:
1 cup of Kashi cereal has only 120 calories, with 0 from fat.
And 1 cup of soy almond milk has 60 calories, I usually only use a half cup.
I guess its not even soy milk, don't know why i call it that ha

Well I'm quite tired and have to wake up early.
Stay skinny Lovelys.
I will read ALL your blogs before going to bed as always.

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  1. Well done on the loss and the intake, sounds like your doing great! Give me some of your motivation??? haha xx