Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Beautiful Wreck,

That's what I am,
A Beautiful Wreck.
Well as you guys know I am still on my loose 15 pounds in 24 days thing.
I have lost 11 pounds so far and i have three days left.
I really thought I could do this,
I guess we will see what the next three days have in store.

I have been eating very good,
All I had was a 90 calorie special K Bar
But then I got fuckin wasted.
I had probably 5 beers and three shots of Bacardi
I know I am a lightweight,
in my defense when you don't eat all day and haven't drank hard alcohol in well over a month,
Bad things happen.
I have no idea how many calories that haul included.
I planned on coming home and going for a run
But I got home around 6am and nearly peed my pants trying to get to the bathroom in time
Then i woke at 9am on my floor, fully clothed.
Jacket, pants, shoes and scarf intact.
haha, Needless to say i was in no condition to run.

Yesterday I ate a bowl of ceral
200 calories 
and A Fucking hot pocket.
340 calories.
Then I went for a mile run.

Today I ate
A bowl of ceral - 150 calories.
And a Diet Pepsi.

God  I hope I loose more weight.

My home made bagels are cooking right now.
Damn me for being such a good cook!!

I was reading some ones blog yesterday and they were talking about  having an Ultimate Goal.
Hmm, So last night and today I was thinking, What is my "Ultimate Goal"?
I decided on one, its not very "cool" or anything like that.
But, We have this thing here in Las Vegas called, "The Extreme Thing"
I went to it last year and plan on going again this year.
It's like the Warp Tour, For those of you who know what that is.
For those of you who don't,
it's basically a huge outside event, were tons of "Extreme" Bands get togather and play.
Theres like 40 different stages, Vendors of all types, Lots of food and BMX and skateboarding competitions
It's VERY fun, hot shirtless tattooed guys with mohawks,
And lots and lots of pretty skinny gurls -__-
Well this year I hope to be one of those girls,
With a cut in half shirt and fuckin tight shorts, with NO muffin tops.
I also Want to crowd surf (:
i never have, for the fear i am to fat and no one will be able to lift me.

^^ Skinny Beotch, Crowd surfing.


  1. You can do this!! You can lose that weight :) Your doing amazing xx

  2. That sounds amazing. I hope you get to lose that wait and go crowd surfing :)