Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I know I can do this.

Hello long lost Bloggers.
Why am I losing touch with this blog.
It makes me so sad.
I have been so fucking busy it's so hard to keep up on it.
but I have to, I love it to much to let it go.
Just got back from my run,
Felt great.

Yesterday was my birthday.
I ate horribly.
I felt like I deserved it, like since I wasn't gettin any presents I deserved to eat?
Stupid i know.
Well for breakfeat I had - 1 large pancake with surup and butter
2 peices of turkey bacon 
And a Egg.
Then I had A large peice of papa johns Hawain pizza
And A HUGE piece of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.
Total: I am guessing a 1000 calories.
I went for a 6 mile walk after that
So 600 calories burned.
Still stretched my stupid stomach out.

Depise my horrible binge I haven't gained any weight.
I fasted all day today and went for a mile run.
5 More pounds in 8 days.
Think I can do it?
I know I can.

Thinspo Anyone ? (:

Stay Skinny,
Love you ladiess<3


  1. Happy birthday :D

    I actually love when you don't gain after you binge. I feel just a bit better when my scale gives me the news.

    Love the thinspo <3

  2. I feel so fat while looking at these photos...
    be strong. i wish the best for you.

  3. At least you didn't gain ^^ And you deserved a little treat, it was your birthday after all :) xx