Thursday, November 24, 2011


I haven't blogged for 6 days.

I'm on day 10 of the loose 15 pounds in 24 days.
S0 14 days left  and 10 pounds to go.
Not looking promising.
Today is thanksgiving.
I feel like I'm the only one who celebrates this awful holiday?

I haven't aten at all today.
And yesterday I only had
a bowl of ceral : 150
A peice of chicken: 100
And a Dr. Pepper 10 : 10
So 260 calories
but thats no reason to eat the way I am going to tonight.
On the menu for thanksgiving is:
Turkey + The stuffing
Mashed Potato's + the gravy
Deviled Eggs.
Sweet potato Casserole.
Pumpkin Bread
Chedder, bacon pinwheels.
Taco 7 layer Dip
Cherry pie
Pumpkin Pie
Pecan Pie
And Bannana Cream Pie.
Total : like 12 Billion Calories.
Thinking about maybe Purging afterwards.
I have only Purged twice.
Horrible experiences, I HATE purging.

On Lighter news its my birthday in three days.
Getting Holiday Havoc Tickets and Eybrow piercing.
A new longboard and An Ipod touch.
Yes I know all my gifts before hand (:
If your wondering what holiday Havoc is,,,
It's the Band Rise against, A day to remember and Middle Class Rut.
MY three favorite bands in one place, I'm so fucking exciteD

After today I am gonna try a three day Liquid fast,
If you ever read my blogg you know i SUCK at fasting.
SO I guess We will see how this goes.
I have been Volunteering at the animal Shelter a lot lately.
I love it, Hoping to pick up a actual paying job there.
So Walking the dogs around For 3 - 4 hours defiantly burns some calories. 

You guys have been bugging me crazy to see pictures of myself so
Here ya go,.

 Yes i realize I'm a Punk (;
Not attractive either but oh well.

Have a skinny Thanksgiving<3
Love you All!


  1. Don't worry if you don't get all the way to 15 lbs in 24 days! 5 lbs in 10 days is awesome!!!
    About Thanksgiving, I am going to be your temporary if you'll let me..
    Turkey eat only 4 bites. literally 4. DO NOT eat the stuffing!
    Take a small amount of mashed potatoes (like 3 table spoons and smear it around your plate only eating 2 small bites. NO GRAVY> NONE.
    Take NO Deviled Eggs. Say you had eggs for breakfast if anyone asks.
    NO Sweet potato Casserole. like ZERO, not even on your plate PERIOD.
    Pumpkin Bread take some, take one bite and make SURE that people see you eat it. Then somehow manage to put the rest in your napkin. Bread is not messy so it's PERFECT to be the food that disappears from your plate!
    Cheddar, bacon pinwheels... um NO. I don't even care if this is your favorite food in the world LOL just say no haha
    Taco 7 layer Dip...Oh my LORD this sounds amazing. and if you can get only the layer that is salsa, just have a small amount.
    Cherry pie - no
    Pumpkin Pie - no
    Pecan Pie - no .... because it is NORMAL for people to turn down dessert. Just have tea or coffee after dinner!
    Oh and before you start eating drink A LOT of water! That way when you take your couple bites of DELICIOUS fattening food you will be less tempted to take more because you will already feel so full!

    If I am being to pushy, sorry. Just trying to help! I wish someone would do this for me I guess hahha


    1. G, Will you do this for ME?
      Lol, love it

  2. You dress like me :D Punk is the way forward!! 5lbs in 10 days is still good! it's still an achievment :) Try not to purge :( Just restrict xx