Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Low Calorie Foods!

A lot of people have been asking me what are some low calorie to 0 calorie foods.

For example, I took a picture of my dinner tonight.
 While this is obviously not an ideal dinner, Its really low in calories.
 1 cup of lightly salted popcorn - 30 calories
A packet of Hot and sour meso soup - 25 calories
2 peices of honey dew melon, 3 blueberries, 1strawberry, 3 grapes - 11 calories
A Dr. pepper 10 -20 calories
Total : 86 calories!

Now as you probably noticed there is a bite size kit kat bar cut up in to little pieces, its Halloween for fuck sakes so i decided i would treat myself HA. it has 73 calories in it. :/

One of the most amazing things on this planet is meso soup.
If you haven't had it I am sorry, because it has almost no calories in it
and it tastes amazinggg, Well the hot and sour flavor does. 
I heat it up super hot so I have to sip it and it last longer and fills me up!!

Next is Popcorn(: I actually use to not like popcorn.
Until I found out its low calories!!
 I pop a bag of popcorn and the divide it into 1 cup serving sizes,
I put each cup in a baggie so I can put it in my 
cubboard and eat it whenever i want a snack!

Then of course we all know the wonder of Fruit, low in calories and delicious (:

Now, I am a Pop ADDICT, Sadly to say I have to have it
My favorite is Dr. Pepper, Now I usually get diet, which obviously has 0 calories
but the taste is just not the same. BUT
I have recently discovered, Dr. Pepper 10, it has 10 calories per 8 fl oz
So in a 20 oz bottle, Only 20 calories and it taste AMAZING :D

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