Monday, November 7, 2011

Suffocate in the mess you're making

More and More.
I want to loose more weight, it's So addicting.
Today All I ate was a 70 calorie soup.
So happy with the progress I'm making.
I tried to treat myself with some Tamato Basil Soup,
My favorite soup, but I couldn't eat it.
I just wasn't hungry.

I felt fat today, maybe that's why.

I cried a lot today.
Cause I miss my mom, my little brothers and my friends.
I moved here about a year ago,
before that I lived in my hometown for my entire life.
I had soo many friends there, friends I grew up with.
Forced to move here, I hate it,
It's hot, to many people and I feel alone all the time.
When I lived in my hometown, I rarely felt fat and I felt beautiful.
Here, I feel fat and an outcast.
I feel like I have to be as pretty as the girls here.
Very hard to live up to, I tell ya.
Whatever I guess, Everything happens for a reason?
Yeah Right.

I highly doubt you guys want to hear me whine right?
This blog is about weight, not my poor excuse for a life.

Wow, i have slowly been writing this for like 3 hours, stupid youtube distraction.

More posts to come later, And Thinspo tooo<3
Love you guys<3

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  1. Tomato basil soup is also my absolute FAV! It is such a treat. I love it. I am going to eat it tomorrow.. Yes. Xo