Friday, November 4, 2011

I felt the cold rain of the coming storm.

I'm so freakin cold, All the time to.
Oh well, I guess.
Well Added on to my 190 ice coffee is a 70 calorie rice pudding snack
and like 20 raspberries - 64 calories.
Total: 324 defiantly not good, but not horribly bad.

Tomorrow I start my liquid fast.
Only Liquids allowed:
No sugar redbulls
Diet soda
Soup,(under a 100 calories)

I'm actually kind of excited to see how much weight I loose (:
I don't know how many days I will do this for,
As many as I can.

So I went grocery shopping with my dad today, torture I tell you!
I did manage to get a few foods I can actually eat though

Cambells Soup at hand, These things are amazing at 70 calories a piece!

Soy milk, Almond and chocalate! 50% more calcium then milk and the pure almond soy milk only has 60 calories a cup!

Cozy shack rice puddings, 70 calories a piece is quite a lot, but I LOVE rice pudding!

Raspberries, Black berries,Strawberries, TONS of veggies!

Stocked up of the single serving green gaint veggies, got more flavors too! 

And more cherry Diet Dr. Pepper a course (;

So I pretty much good for a month or two!!

My stomach hurts badly, :(
Gonna get tons of blankets from my closet, cuddle up with my dog and watch a movie.
Favorite movies?
American History X
Alpha Dog
Tha Carter(documentary on Lil Wayne )
Into The Wild
Twilight Saga

Those are just the ones off the top of my dome.
If you haven't watched any of those I HIGHLY recommend you do! (:

Dream Skinny

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  1. I'm cuddling in blankets too :) It's so snuggly! Good luck with your fast, stay super strong xx