Thursday, November 3, 2011

What I DONT Eat.

Sooo, I have a lot of people asking me what I Don't eat.
I avoid this foods like the plague.

Not that I don't like this food, It's just I'm way to crazy about my calorie intake to eat it.
Meat - I rarely eat meat, unless its chicken. i loveee chicken!
Pasta, Sooo fattening yuck.
Bread - Absolutely not, Its not even good!
Eggs, Unless it just the whites.
Ice cream/Cake - I have never like cake so it easy, But i adore ice cream so its hard
I do eat low fat, no sugar fudge pops, - 35 calories a a bar (:
Non diet Soda/juice - As I mentioned in one of my other posts, i am addicted to pop (soda)
So its super hard, I drink lots of diet soda, Juice has way to many calories and sugar in it.
 Fast food - Its delicious I know, But god its SO fattening its ridiculous.
Peanut Butter/Ranch/Jelly - Peanut butter is full of protein but its horribbling fattening
I don't eat any salad dressing, Ew. And jelly is good but not worth it
Potato Chips/Crackers - The only Chips I eat are pita chips and sun chips!

So thats just kind of the basic, Yes I know its crazy and not healthy at all,
But I don't care, Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!

 I recently discovered, Green Gaint just for one, single serving vegigies!
These are amazing, The come in single servings, that microwave in 3 minutes!
With ONLY 40 calories (;
Cheese with broccoli and Cheese with cauliflower are my favorites!

Salsa is also amazing, I get fresh salsa that only has 5 calories every 2 TBS
It's technically called, pico de gallo

What is my current motivation?
Once I loose 10 more pounds I am getting a tattoo.
Some were on my side or stomach.
maybe " If you don'tstand for something, you will die for nothing"
or "After the rain, Comes the sunshine"

Tattoo Thinspo, Yayyy (:

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  1. What an amazing post. Thanks. Going to use it as a reference! X