Monday, November 7, 2011

So weak, but so strong.

Is it possible to be weak and strong at the same time?
I feel weak, like all I want to do is sleep
but I feel so strong because I can live on so little food.

It's been a day or two since I have blogged.
Can't really say I have been busy, just occupied  with different things I guess.
 Today my liquid fast went very well.
Only had a 90 calorie soup for breakfeast and a 120 calorie soup for dinner.
The rest was water and a diet Dr. pepper. 
And I went to the swap meet and walked ALOT.
Yesterday was a different story.

I did well throughout the whole day, 
Only a soup for breakfest until about 6.
I went to taco bell and had a crunchy taco.. 120 calories.

Then I snuck out and went to fremont street.
It was a blast, Guys were hitting on me left and right.
Had about 8 different guys ask for me number.
Then like 10 different guys beg me to come hang out with them.
hahaha, if they only knew I was only 16 almost 17.
I lie and say I'm 19, or 21 depending on the guy.

Something about wandering fremont late at night, 
Bright lights, Music blaring.
Constantly having a beer and cigarette in my hands.
Guys staring me down.

Luckily I arrived home without my dad noticing,
Then went straight to the fridge.
Walking 6 miles really made me hungry.
I had salsa with chips...175 calories
Rice pudding...70 Calories
Glass of chocalate soy milk...120 calories
And beer...200 calories.
Don't forget my crunchy taco from earlier. 
Total from yesterday.. 685
I haven't had that many calories in one day in like a month.
Walking burns about a 100 calories a mile.
So I burned 600 calories.
Still  should never eat like that again!

I just got done making blackberry Cobbler 
and Chocolate,  Chocolate Chip Cookies.
But I didn't eat any,
Except for a bite of my cobbler.
I had to at least taste it!
But I don't like cookies, So I avoided those well.

Going to continue liquid fasting for a few more days.


Love you my skinny followers<3<3
Stay Strong
Thank you tons for all your wonderful supportive comments
They keep me going!


  1. well the positive is that you worked off your calories , think how mure tragic it would have been if you hadn't ?!

    im liquid fasting too , first day today. i'm going to try and go the whole week

  2. If you think about it you were really left with 85 calories. It sounds better when you put it that way.