Friday, February 17, 2012

Mental Breakdown,

Breakdown, After Breakdown.
 Can't remember the last time I have had such a bad day.
Not eating really makes me a mental nut case.
I cried myself to sleep and slept for like 5 hours.
Woke up, Went to Chucky Cheese,
Had TWO pieces of pizza :"(
 Came home, Had another breakdown.
Tore my room apart out of frustration.
Ate A 200 calorie Burrito.

Now I sit here in my room which is in Shambles.
Fucking pissed I ate today.
Yesterday I did good with fasting.
Today not good at all.

I swear to god I'm not eating tomorrow.
I can do this.
All you ladies are doing and looking Amazing.
SO Jealous. 


My Thinspo for Today is Crop Tops.
Weird, Iknow But I have a strange obsession with them.
Wish so Badly I could look like these girls in them!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Still Alive, Sorta.

I know you guys probably thought I died, 
Feels like years since I have blogged.
Feels so fucking good.

Update: Went home for a couple months.
Friends.Fun. Parties.Young, Wild and Free
I weigh 139.

I'm so excited to get back on track,
SO Excited to be with Ana Again.  
What have you ladies been up to?
Going to catch up on blogs tonight.

Starting tomorrow, I'm fasting.
Water. Diet Soda.Soy Milk.
That's it!

I can do this (:
20 pounds by the end of March?
That's my goal.

Stay Skinny<3

Saturday, December 24, 2011

I will not say Merry Christmas.

I hate Christmas.
Self indulgent
Every store is closed
People wearing those stupid red hats
The mess afterwards
The traffic
The total money drain
People not liking there gifts after you spent tons of time and money on it.
The loneliness
Realization that you have no significant other to buy you things.

Sorry Just a few of the things That I hate about Christmas.
Maybe its because I spend more money then I receive,
But thats what Christmas is about right, Giving and not receiving?
Or is about God's birthday?
Who fuckin knows.

I ate tons of calories today.
Atleast 2,000 calories.
Did you know 3,500 calories = A pound of fat?

My 10 day challenge is over and I managed to loose my 5 pounds.
I see absolutely no differnece.
I see pictures of people who weigh 130 -135 and there SO fucking skinny.
What the hell.
Maybe i just can't be skinny?
Maybe I will never see myself as skinny.

Pictures of me, I know I'm a fat, ugly, weirdo.
But please no negative comments.

Stay skinny and Festive <3

Questions and Awnsers.

How old are you?
17 Years young (:

Are You more Ana or Mia.
I really wouldn't consider myself either.
But if I had to say, Definitely Ana

You don't post very much.
Yes I know.. 
My life is very busy, not like that's an excuse, there's so many girls out here who have wayy busier life's then me and they manage to post everyday, I need to stay on top of it more.

Have you done any drugs/drank before?
Yes Sadly I have.
Basically every kind of pill

How much weight in total have you lost since you started this blog?
30 pounds.

Secrets to weight loss?
Water.Water. Water.
Absolutely no non diet soda
No snacking in between meals.
Don't weigh your self everyday
Always eat breakfast, even if its a small one

Favorite Band?
I love punk music and juggalo music.
1.Rise Against, 
If you have never heard them please please check them out, they are fucking amaing<3
2.Insane Clown Posse, 
If you don't know what a juggalo is don't google it,
nothing ut negative shit comes up, but yes I am a juggalo, and very proud of it (:

How many calories a day do you eat?
I usually try to stay under 500 calories a day.

Post pictures of yourself.
Not really a question, but I will in the next post, promise (:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Not a normal 17 year old.

The things that I have seen, The things I have done
Most people won't do or see in two lifetimes.
I wouldn't wish any of these things on my worst enemies.
I have been raped.
My best friend was shot dead,
Beaten by my (ex) Boyfriends.
I have slept with over 15 guys,
Done an UN recordable amount of drugs.
Had to beg for money just to make it home at night.
Gotten so drunk i don't even know the name of the guy I'm laying next to.
I have never had a fateful boyfriend.
My boyfriend use to make me sleep with guys to get drugs/Money.

The thing is, All these things happened because of the choices I made.
God forgive me for my sins.
I am so sorry.
I don't want any pity, Just nice to get things off my chest.

As for the challenge I have 4 days left and I AM fasting.
I don't fucking care.
I am gonna be skinny god dammit. 

Also i have been getting a lot of questions.

So Next posting will be one of answering questions.
If you have any about my life, loosing weight or Ana and Mia
please comment
or email me at

Love you girls<3
Stay Skinny<3<3<3

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Today is warm and bright.
Feels nice not to be cold.
Ate a egg and toast - 150
A lean cuisine meal - 290
Total : 440
Woo hoo!
Gonna get my exercise tonight, I plan to go out walk around and dance tonight (:
didn't oversleep today, got about 7 hours,
But I haven't had any water yet today.
God its so hard!
I haven't weighed myself even though I want to so badly.
7 more days to go with the challenege and I'm scared I won't loose any weight.
I really hope I loose this 5 pounds

A lot of my favorite blogs haven't been writing much lately :(
Come on lady's I need you!!
Kinda boring post I don't have much to say.

Posting some pictures of food,
Don't worry it won't make you want to eat junk food (:
Stay skinny Loves <3