Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ready To Fall

Oh my lovely bloggers, I have not blogged for like 4 days!
That is horrible, When I blog it keeps me focused, keeps me inspired.
So you can guess I haven't been doing very good.
The last two days I have been binging.
Well I don't know if you could call it that considering I rarely go above 600 calories a day, even when I binge
but I'm sure I have gone over that, UGH. I seriously hate eating.
It makes me feel so worthless, So out of control.
I feel like my weight is the only thing I can control.

I am so fucking determined to loose 15 more pounds in 25 days!
 So that gives me till December 10th.
I really need help with this.
I feel like I'm trying to do something thats impossible.
I gained two pounds in two days from binging.
I wish I hadn't fucked up my metabolism so badly.

Going to post my meal plan s for the next week!
I have to write it down so I will stick to it!

Stay Skinny<3<3


  1. Same... If I don't check in at least once a day I'll lose motivation. Isn't that pathetic? Iron sharpens iron and all that, so keep posting! And I'll keeping reading ^_^

  2. If i don't blog daily i feel out of control....i hated not being able to blog for nearly 2 weeks! Keep posting, keep motivated <3

  3. I have to blog to be motivated too.

    I'm glad to hear that you're almost always under 600. If I binge I always go way over 1000 when I normally eat about 300 - 400 calories. I found these neat rice cake like things at Wagmens called Cocopops that are 16 calories per peice!!! If that can be my base meal and I only add a teaspoon of salsa or something with it and eat that three times a day then I can be under 70 calories. That would be absolutely great.
    And I can force myself to only eat those so if I binge then it's say about 7 or more of those with only 16 calories each.

    You should get those if you have one close to where you live :)