Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Soo I have a job interview tomorrow for a coffee shop to be a barista.
I am very neverious considering I have little experience with making coffee.
And the thought of working around 400 calorie drinks all day makes me feel sick.
Iced coffee, with tons of milk and whip cream is my weakness.
Hopefully they don't let me have any free drinks, I will be screwed.
But the plus side of this is I will be on my feet all day
Better then sitting at home blogging all day.
Yesterday I quit Liquid fasting, 
I lost 3 pounds from liquid fasting for 4 days
Yesterday I ate:
A cup of stir Fry with a few tablespoons of soy sauce 40 Calories
Half of an avacodo 120 calories.
A bowl of cereal with soy almond milk 155 calories.
Total: 315
Then I walked about 6 miles 600 calories burned.

Today I have eaten half a cup of soup : 90 calories
and a cookie 100 calories??
Thats all I will eat for the rest of the day since I'm not going to walk tonight. 

Thanks for all your comments and all my followers <3<3
Stay Skinny!

As promised some Thinspo(: 



  1. Wow! Nearly twice the calories burned and only 190 left today. You are doing amazing!

    Love the collarbones and mohawks <3

  2. wow 6miles?!! but isnt liquid diets difficult. have you tried some protein. it should help burn while building good muscles and balance at the same time :]