Friday, November 18, 2011

Skin and Bones (:

Ahh, I haven't felt this good in a longgg time,
Days, weeks or maybe even months?
I feel lighter, Skinnier, prettier.
Not saying this is going to last a long time, it never does.
But what the hell! 

My "loose 15 pounds in 24 days" is I feel going well.
I have literally not been eating at all.
Day 1 - 150 calorie skinny cow ice cream & 35 calorie fruit bar!!
Day 2 - 300 calorie dinner.
Day 3 - 90 Calorie Special K bar, 20 calorie red bull and 150 calorie bowl of cereal.
Total for 3 days so far? 
745 Calories, Damnnn
Thats pretty good for 3 days.

Most people consume that in a day!
My biggest motivation?
These size 3 jeans that I want so badly to fit into
They almost fit. Whoo Hoo!
I haven't weighed myself since i started this "loose 15 pounds thing"
Not going to till day 10!

Oh i wanted to tell you guys if you already don't know,
About Skinny Cow Ice Cream!!!
Fucking A, This stuff tastes like it has a 1000 calories in it.
But A mint chocolate chip ice cream drum stick has only 150 calories in it!!
I know that sounds like a lot, but if you know anything about ice cream it isn't..
If you can find it, BUY IT (:
Anyways, Beyond that Amazing looking picture up there^

I met a new friend, Well maybe more then a friend? (:
We will call him C, "Black C" as i call him for obvious reasons,(:
He is beautiful, I have some strange obsession with black males.
I met him while on one of my walks, he stopped and begged me to talk to him.
Felt a little strange getting into a strangers car, on the side of the road.
I know what your thinking, "how dangerous!!!"
But considering it was a 2011 dodge charger, I felt safe. HA
As he talked to me, (showering me with complements)
He said "ohh I love a girl with THICK thighs.
Are you fucking serious?
You had to use the word THICK.
I guess 50 of my 130 pounds must be in my THICK thighs.
You guys know my obsession with little tiny legs.
Here I am oblivious to my thick O' Thighs.
When I get down to 100 pounds i guarantee they won't be thick anymore (:
ohh wow, just realized how obsessive that must sound.

Hmmm, Beyond C telling me that, he is Superrrr nice, and sexyyyy
Oh did i mention he's a drug dealer. 
hahahaha, oh wow.
Yepp, A drug dealer.
Mostly Weed, but also Crack.
Ah, Crack so bad typed out.
Why is that?
Probably cause it is bad, right??
Hmm. Crack Cocaine.
I haven't very experience with this drug, considering I'm 17.
I know, It's bad bad bad. 
But has any of you skinny bloggers had any contact with this drug?
I have never done it, i have seen it, but never got offered to smoke any.
Weed on the other had, I LUBB it(:
Have been laying low with it since i am job hunting, they usually drug test before giving you the job.
God that would be embarrassing, " sorry we can't give you this job, we found pot in your system"

Jeezz, Whata long post, 
Sorry for my language just didn't feel like censoring my post tonight.
Comments are a must, (:
Gonna go find some new thinspo, and read all your beautiful blogs!
love you girlss<3


  1. Do not ever touch Crack it it bad, I have not touched it but I have a friend who did and never came back, he sounds like a creeper. Sorry if im being negative but yeah its just not good. keep going though and you will soon have those tiny legs you so deserve.

  2. Don't touch crack :( I'm glad your feeling happier though! You deserve it xx

  3. Girl, you are doing amazing! Enjoy today feeling skinny :)

    I've never done crack but friends have told me that it is extremely addictive. Sometimes because I'm so loving I can't say no to giving them some money even though I know that they're going to go buy some of this shit.