Thursday, December 15, 2011

A change.

 I gained back the two pounds I lost.
I have no clue how.
I have been eating literally nothing.

So I'm gonna change things up a bit.
I'm going to start doing the 10 day challenge.
Here it is.

So what you want to aim for is
At least 2 Liters of water - 20
1 hour of exercise -20
8 hours of sleep - 20
and maximum of 500 calories - 20
= 800 points


I think my problem is 
1.I drink hardly any water.
2. Little to no exercise
3.I only eat 300 calories a day
4. I sleep WAY to much, usually 11 hours

Yesterday i had
bowl of cereal 120
Toast 70
Fudge 100
= 390 calories

Today i had
Bowl of cereal : 120
Lime ice cream bar: 80
pomegranate: 50
= 260 calories.

Would anyone like to join me?

Stay skinny, and loose 5 pounds with me (; <3


  1. I haven't eaten at at all yet. I'll do it with you :)

  2. i'm sorry but what you are doing to yourself is horrible, i can see you enjoy life but if you carry on like this you'll end up DEAD. then there will be no life at all. I'm pretty sure that when you're older you WILL regret this because many people have said that life is TOO SHORT to be worrying about calories. Think about it, I'm trying not to be mean but I know someone who loves you WILL make you get help and once you've had it and gotten better, you'll realise how ridiculous calorie counting and starvation was. I don't know you but I want you to ACTUALLY LIVE YOUR LIFE and not live a DEADLY nightmare like this :)