Monday, October 24, 2011

Family that eats together, Gets fat together.

It's SO hard to eat healthy living in this house.

Everything revolves around food, holidays, birthdays, accomplishments, Everyday life.
I went through my cupboards tonight, very depressing I tell you. Here are a FEW of the things my cupboards consist of:
Cup o' noodles,
Top a Ramon,
Cookies, tons of cookies,
Pop tarts,
All of these I love!!

Are you ready for my freezer??
Toaster strudels,
4 things of Ice cream
Hot pockets
Sausage and cheese croissants
And So much more!!

The few things that are mine, that I eat?
Meso Soup, Thank god for this!! 20 - 35 Calories per soup(:
Sugar free, Fat free Fudge bars- 35 calories each, 0 fat
Diet Dr. Pepper.
100 calorie snack pack brownie bites!
WATER, WATER, WATER - 0 calories :D


  1. That pic on top is the exact reason I very seldomly visit my mother's house. It's just junk ass crap EVERYWHERE! Butter, mayo and cheese. Unbelievable and the woman wonders why she won't fit into her wedding dress... Lol. Xo

  2. Ugh. My House is ridden with this junk. My mom always buys cookies and chocolate and all sorts of fattening foods. Doesn't she know that I have and will binge on these. I wish I could tell her. I live for the day that I can move out and buy my own food.