Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Let my hunger pains cradle me to sleep,

I have been spending my days ALL fucking alone lately. While my sister is at work and at her boyfriends house. I waited all day long for her to get home cause i have been so god damn lonely, the moment she walks in she says " turn off my light I'm going to bed" :( Okay I will go sit in my dark room and let my hunger pain comfort me. She wanted me to move back home cause she missed me so much, cause she can't live without me, but she is gone all day long and then talks about going to move in with her boyfriend within the next couple months!!!!!

Now here I am, no job there fore no gas money to go anywhere, All alone in the dirty, hot city of Vegas. :'(

Well I will let you all return to your interesting lifes, While I go do 150 jumping jacks, 70 sit ups, 50 squats and 50 leg lifts. Oh what funn.

Stay Skinny,  <3

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