Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Venting, Not that anyone wants to hear it!

Okay so you wanna know what annoys the living hell out of me!!!

"So I went anorexic for a week, It wass sooo easy"


Hate to be the barrer of bad news, but you do NOT go anorexic for a week and then go back to normal, You are not anorexic if you do that, Just Saying. <--- I hate when people say that "just saying" but I  felt like being a bitch so I just said it!!

What I would give to be normal, to not think about calories ALL day long, To eat normally. To not cry every time I eat something that has 200 calories in it. To not do 100 sit ups every time I go over 400 calories a day. :( To not stay up till 5 am just so I will sleep all day the next day,

Time sleeping=Time not eating!

I'm sorry. For anyone who i just offend. Sorry to those people who will not view my blog anymore, cause I'm a bitch. But oh Fucking Well!!

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  1. Amen. Well okay I'm not with ana, but I agree. Or people who go on a "hectic" "diet" and are I'm EDNOS. Deep troubled and mysterious. Shut the fuck up and go get a cheese burger. Xo