Tuesday, October 25, 2011

oh god, It's almost HALOWEEN

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE Halloween, but sadly I'm not 12 anymore, I can't dress up as a zombie or Freddy Kruger. haa

I'm 17 and female, so that means dressing up as uhh hmm how do I make this blog appropriate, Well lets just say the less clothing the better

So My sister, bless her heart bought me some stuff from the haloween store,
A pink and black, very small skirt
Black knee highs with pink X's going up them and a big pink bow at the top of them and Then a white lace tanktop.

Not something a even slightly fat person could pull off, So there fore I MUST fast for the next how many ever days are left till Halloween!

My calorie intake for today has not been good, 
  1 cup of corn flakes with a cup of soymilk - 200 Calories
  Chicken snack wrap from Mcdolads - 330
Oh dear god, 550 calories :'( 
Now  you may be wondering, Why the fuck did you eat something from McDonalds!! 
Well I was with my dad, didn't want to make him suspicious so I ate it.
Cried afterwards. UGH


  1. Sounds like an EPIC Halloween costume! Can't wait to see the pics. But yes, for all the previous years I have been WAY too fat to do the whole slutty scary thing. This year, I am wearing AS little as possible. Xo

  2. Yes, Sadly My past Halloween experience's have been horrible to say the least. This year I hope to be somewhat fun, You would think I should have some fun since I live in Vegas for god sakes, guess we will see though. Yes Pictures shall be posted.