Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I WILL prove them Wrong.

Well, My first day of fasting went okay... i guess

What I ate today:
Strawberry Smoothie: 210 Calories. 0 from fat
Redbull Energy Drink: 140 Calories. 0 from fat

Total Calories: 350 Calories.
:/ Wish I could have eaten nothing, but no worries I'm drinking lots of water (:

Everyone is telling me I won't loose any weight. Can't wait to prove them wrong!!

Getting lots of sleep too, You burn 70 calories every hour you sleep! Awesome YES!! I love to sleep,

Doing around 200 crunches a night.

Well, goodnight for now, possibly post more thinspire pictures tonight.

Think Skinny, <3

Love, Beautiful Bones<3<3

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  1. I guess I better start sleeping more!